Content Marketing As the Main Part of SEO Strategy

In this guide, you will get acquainted with the most important part of any SEO strategy, content marketing. SEO and content marketing today are like two sides in a coin. In the past, errors that often occur a content marketer did not pay attention to SEO. Likewise, with an SEO practitioner, do not pay attention to content. Both parties consider it useless. As a result, the website development process does not run optimally. The right content marketing strategy and assisted search engine optimization are the keys to the success of your website and online business. In fact, almost all forms of online marketing that rely on SEO will depend on content. To help you, you can use services from new york seo.

Content marketing is a marketing effort that is done by providing useful content for others with the aim that they get to know your business. This marketing technique is very popular, we can see its progress very rapidly every year.

Examples of implementation:

A fitness supplement product publishes content containing exercise patterns and diet for muscle development. Thus, people who are looking for information about the content will arrive at the supplement product sales website.

From here you can see a little connection. A content marketer needs SEO knowledge so that the content can get a good ranking in search engines … because Google is the biggest source of traffic. Then what about the opposite?

Modern SEO is content marketing + SEO
Since ancient times, people who were enthusiastic about SEO always tried to find loopholes in how the website could get high rankings on Google. Whether it’s playing games with keywords, backlinks, or social signals. But the key to SEO, for now, and in the future, we can dismantle it by seeing what all parties in it really want.

Users want to get the best information as quickly as possible. To satisfy users, Google will place the best information in the top position. Thus, to get the top position you need to do is provide the best information. That’s why content plays an important role. Good content = quality information. To be able to create the best content, an SEO practitioner must learn content marketing.