Decreased Hearing and Handling Ability

As a sense of hearing, the ear has an important role in your life. Not only functions to hear, but the ears also help you to maintain balance. By listening, you can communicate and discuss with your interlocutor. But with age, the function of the ear decreases. Decreasing hearing ability is not trivial, because this problem can affect the quality of life as well as your relationship with your partner, for that, you can use Hearing Aids.


If you experience a decrease in hearing ability, of course, your communication and interaction with others become hampered. That will make you bother, right? The ear consists of several parts, namely the inner, middle, and outer parts. The outer ear consists of the earlobe you normally see, including the ear canal which is lined with hair and glands that secrete earwax. While the middle ear contains 3 small bones, also known as the hammer, anvil, and stirrups. The last is the inner ear which contains the cochlea, acting as the main sensory organ of hearing.

If you have experienced a decrease in hearing ability, there are several methods of treatment depending on the cause and severity of the hearing loss you experience, including:

– In the conductive hearing loss, there are several options such as the doctor cleaning the dirt that clogs the ear with the help of oil to thin the dirt, then remove the impurities. In addition, treatment of ear infections with antibiotics and eardrum surgery procedures (if there are holes) can restore hearing function properly.

– In the sensorineural hearing loss, the damage is permanent, so the goal of treatment is to maximize hearing. Using a hearing aid is the first choice. By using a hearing aid, you can make the sound stronger and easier to hear. If the problem is severe, cochlear implants are another option. Unlike a hearing aid that amplifies sound and directs to the ear canal, cochlear implants replace damaged or non-functioning parts of your inner ear.