Do I have a Fur Carpet? Here’s the right way to clean it

Fur rugs can make the room look elegant and luxurious. However, carpet professionals  the beauty and softness of this carpet must be redeemed with conditions that are more sensitive and brittle than polyester or nylon rugs. If you want to install a fur rug at home, make sure you understand the proper way to clean it or you can call us as a lifesaver.

Fleece rugs have long fibers that are soft and comfortable on the feet but tend to easily catch dust particles. Clean your fur carpet at least once a week with the following steps: Shake the carpet several times outside the house to remove the dust. If you are worried about dust that might still be left behind, use a vacuum cleaner by pushing it back and forth slowly. Flip the carpet and clean the back surface with the tip of the vacuum cleaner in the form of a soft brush. Make sure the tip of the vacuum does not touch the edge of the carpet, to prevent damage to the fur fibers. Use a soft brush to lift hair or hair, for example from pets such as dogs and cats. If your fur carpet has a surface that tends to be sensitive or brittle, don’t use a vacuum cleaner directly on it. Cover the surface of the carpet with a thin cloth, then use a vacuum cleaner on the surface of the cloth.

Soft fur carpet material makes it likely to be sensitive to ordinary carpet cleaning products. Be sure to use the most “friendly” method when cleaning the fur carpet from wet stains. Here are some tips for doing this: Immediately clean wet stains when it just drips onto the surface of the carpet, so as not to leave stains. Use a mixture of plain water and a little detergent to clean stains that are not ordinary water, such as drinks or food gravy. Don’t wait until the stain is dry so that there are no traces left. For better cleaning, use products made to clean fur rugs, not ordinary synthetic rugs. Ask recommendations for carpet sellers to buy the right product. So that the carpet condition is maintained, do not use cleaners from synthetic materials unless forced. Vinegar and lemon water can be a natural cleanser to remove stains and odors at the same time. Mix the juice of a lemon with a little warm water and white vinegar to create a natural cleanser. Spray a little over the stain, then let stand for five to ten minutes before you clean it. You can use two lime if there is no lemon. For cleaning that requires a machine, you can wrap the carpet with a cloth such as a pillowcase or bed sheet before putting it in the washing machine. Check the label to make sure the carpet can be machine washed.