Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selecting Self Storage

When you plan to move to a new home, your relationship status changes (maybe divorced), or just runs out of space in your house, then renting self-storage can be the best solution. Renting self-storage can also be used as a valuable investment for both long and short term. It is estimated that two out of ten households in the US rent storage places to store objects that are not enough to be placed at home. Storage places are not only for household purposes, but many companies also use self-storage to store files that are not enough to be stored in the office.

The United States has many storage places companies that offer the best facilities to prospective customers. That way, you must decide what kind of facilities best suit your needs. Experience teaches that we can learn from our own and others’ mistakes. To make it easier for you to choose a self-storage company, here we describe two mistakes that are often done by others so you can avoid them:

– Getting an inappropriate size
Pay attention to the needs of the items you want to store in self-storage. If you request a room that is too small, then you have to pay extra for additional storage. Likewise, with storage units that are too large, you will have unused empty space around the items stored so as to facilitate the growth of mold and dirt. To avoid this, you have to list the items you want to keep, estimate how big they are so you can get the right self-storage.

– No Questions Regarding Room Temperature
The temperature of the self-storage room is controlled using ventilation, thermostats, or air conditioning to maintain the range of temperature and humidity. The use of this control will cause more expensive costs. If you don’t need it, you should choose a standard facility. But if you want to store sensitive items such as documents, important photos, medicines, cosmetics, or musical instruments, then you should ask about the facilities provided. Especially if you live in extreme temperatures, then air control becomes a mandatory list in choosing self-storage facilities.

Those are the two mistakes that people often make in choosing self-storage, so they pay more for facilities that are not needed or their items get damaged quickly because they do not have the appropriate facilities.