Everything About Trade Union

Trade unions are words that Indonesian workers are familiar with. Your salary describes the Definition of Trade Unions, Functions and benefits of trade unions and procedures for recording trade unions/labor unions. In all work activities of a company, disputes often occur that occur between workers and company leaders. We often hear the names of trade unions that are said to be able to help resolve these problems through their assistance, one of which is the creation of a collective labor agreement. Since ensuring that you will get the best union is important, Facket guiden comes to help you.


Well, in carrying out industrial relations, workers and trade unions have the function of carrying out work in accordance with their obligations, maintaining order for the continuity of production, channeling aspirations democratically, developing their skills and expertise and promoting the company and fighting for the welfare of members and their families.

Then, how do you become a member of a trade union? The method is simple actually. Basically a trade union must be open to accepting members without distinguishing political flow, religion, ethnicity and gender. So as an employee in a company, you only need to contact the union management in your office, usually asked to fill out a membership form for data. There are also some unions that collect monthly fees to their relatively small members.

What are the benefits of being a member of a trade union? There are many benefits to becoming a union member, especially if your company’s union is affiliated with a federation of trade unions and trade union confederations. For example, union members will get training programs to improve their work and self abilities such as training negotiation skills, training on making collective labor agreements, etc. In addition, trade union members will also receive legal assistance when they encounter problems with the company relating to the law and fulfillment of their rights as employees.