Here Are Some Reasons Why People Choose Soapstone As Material Countertops

Various layers of countertops are made to get the desired impression. A kitchen that is clean, luxurious, and easy to clean is the desire of many people. Especially for those of you who like to cook. So that your hobbies are not easily lost, you may want a clean and pleasant kitchen atmosphere, so you start using various countertops, one of which is soapstone countertops. The material is similar to granite, but the cost is cheaper. So that soapstone countertops become a variety that is getting much sought after.

Soapstone has a vein-like pattern and gray color. Besides creating a luxurious impression, soapstone can be a durable countertop. Named soapstone because it contains talc which is high enough so that the impression is really like soap. Besides being cheaper, here are the reasons people choose soapstone:

– Heat resistant materials
Soapstone is a heat-resistant material, so it is very good to use in the kitchen. You can put a hot pot directly on the table without worrying about being scratched, burned, or damaged.

– Environmentally friendly materials
Natural stone is used as a coating for countertops because it is friendly and safe for the environment, including the kitchen. Soapstone has chemical-free ingredients, so you don’t have to worry too much when putting various equipment and food on it. Not only soapstone, but granite material is also safe to use. That is why people switch to using natural stones as countertops.

– Easy to clean
Soapstone has a different texture with granite. This stone is easier to clean because it is not porous. At the beginning of the stain, will create a dark impression. But after the dirt is cleaned or evaporated, soapstone will return to its original color. In addition, because of its solid nature and lack of pores, bacteria are not easily developed on soapstone. When cleaned, soapstone is not easily damaged even though using a high acid cleanser.

– The price is affordable
When compared to granite, soapstone prices are far more affordable, between $ 60 to $ 105 per square foot. But the price will depend on the desired material and design. If the design is more difficult, then the price can be more expensive.