Some of these brunch menus are suitable for you who don’t have breakfast

Sometimes because of being in a hurry, or getting up late, or there is something you have to do in the morning, you forget the name of breakfast. As a result, you often delay breakfast, until noon. Well, you will also prefer to brunch. Brunch or breakfast and lunch, an activity that combines breakfast and lunch at a time. Usually, brunch is done from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Apart from that, you may also need to see the best boozy brunch nyc too!

Well, here is an inspiration for an easy and simple brunch menu that you can make yourself.

1. Original pancakes with maple syrup.

Who doesn’t like pancakes? If you are a fan of pancakes, pancakes can be one of the easy-to-make brunch menus that you can try at home, you know. You don’t need any kind of topping, just with maple syrup, your pancakes are tasty and delicious.

2. Chocolate Waffle.

Besides pancakes, you can also make your own favorite waffles for the home brunch menu, you know. You can enjoy this waffle with your favorite chocolate jam on it. Hmm, guaranteed you will be addicted, huh.

3. Cinnamon roll.

Surely you are already familiar with the cinnamon roll menu, which has recently been hit in the world of cakes and pastries. Besides being fast and easy to make, this one cake also proved to be filling and suitable for you to use for the brunch menu.

4. Apple Pie.

Besides pancakes, and waffles, another pie that can be easily made is pie. Especially apple pie. Besides apples, you can replace the fruit yourself with your other favorite fruit. Healthy, huh!

5. Almond steamed cakes.

This one cake is also delicious and it can be made eaisly. Not only that, because using almonds, this cake is not only suitable for your brunch menu, it seems that it is also suitable for use on a diet menu, you know.

6. Steamed milk bread.

This one is guaranteed to be very easy to make. You just pile up layers of fresh bread, water them with a little milk, sprinkle with almonds, then oven. In addition to delicious snacks, this menu is certainly right for your brunch menu, when you’re busy not having breakfast.