Frontline customer care and its tricks

The company’s spear, the frontliner performance is in the spotlight that determines potential customer decisions to buy your product. So, make sure the quality of your frontliner is very good, because it’s fine isn’t enough. Apart from that, you may need to go to and get the excellent premium numbers for your company.

Here are some things that you must pay attention to create an excellent frontliner:

The frontliner must be able to give small attention to potential customers. So that they are emotionally bound and believe that your company is the best choice.

But, don’t overdo it. Because it gives detailed attention and seems excessive because it makes people embarrassed and does not care about the explanation given.

Mature knowledge product. Make sure your frontliner has all of your company’s knowledge products so they can prepare and design ammunition to fight customer questions. Knowledge products memorized outside the head will be a separate consideration for the customer.

Response speed.

A convincing face.


Good at communicating ideas.

Make sure your Frontliner uses words that are understandable, polite and don’t confuse the customer to facilitate communication.

Make an SOP that must be adhered to and guide every implementation of the work to ensure good service. Make a Frontliner that can make potential customers feel comfortable not a frontliner who talks with the same script every day and like a robot.

When the reorder period arrives, prepare your ammunition as much as possible to make the customer buy again for you

Before contacting the customer, prepare all the information about it, know its hobbies, habits and make sure they are not in a busy time.

Use your information database ammo to seduce it. Don’t openly say your wishes at the beginning. But start with a light conversation. And when the atmosphere has started to melt then say your goal.

Don’t be too hasty in acting and create a framework to facilitate the information you will ask and submit.

Give an offer that is suitable for your finances and needs. But keep the product quality and don’t make a price mistake.