The Different Type of Music Box You Never Think Before

Those who love music boxes more than just giving it as the gift will always have the reason to gather related information about it. In general, people like to listen to the music due to some reasons. If you do so even the music from the music box, then this fact will make you shocked or will impress you.

During this time we often see various alternative musical instruments created from simple objects that can produce beautiful sounds. Starting from glass cups containing water, pieces of iron, to buckets that can produce rhythmic sounds like a musical instrument. This one musical instrument might not even exist in your wildest imagination about how music can be produced.

An Amsterdam artist, Tadas Maksimovas, made a musical instrument from objects that he might never have thought of before. Maksimovas makes musical instruments from firearms! This project is named The Gun Music Box. Maksimovas said the tool is almost the same as the music box, but with a larger size.

In the process, Maksimovas and his team must first research how the music box works. He then met a Dutch music box craftsman named Akko Goldenbeld who helped with this project. The Maksimovas team also visited the Music Box Museum in Utrecht and bought several music boxes to find out how the construction and the machines that work in the music box in more detail.

One of the toughest challenges in assembling this tool is the license of the ten pistols used for this project. What Maksimovas describes as a process that is “very time to consume”. As a result, Maksimovas and his team managed to assemble a music box made with ten pistols as the main sound producer.

With this fact, you may also wonder to consider making your own music box from something you never think before. However, when you want to change it to be the commercial thing, then you should ensure that the one you make will be valuable and comes with the reasonable price.