3 Simple tricks for buying a used car

Not all people can afford to buy a new car. One of the problems in getting a new car is the price. Therefore, the alternative way to own a car is to buy a used car. Aside from that, you might also need to take a look at the Extended vehicle warranty reviews.

However, buying a used car is not an easy matter. Because, to choose a used car where quality is not as easy as turning your palm.

According to Edmunds, there are at least 40 million used cars changing hands every year. Therefore, choosing a used car must be more thorough and challenging.

If not careful, then it’s not getting the right, comfortable and safe car, just the opposite, the used car that you have bought has a lot of problems.

Therefore, the Edmunds automotive site provides tips on buying a used car. Want to know what follows:

1. What is the price of the car you can buy

If you think you want to buy a used car, especially the payment by credit, then it’s worth the money spent no more than 20 percent of your salary.

It’s because buying a used car will definitely pay extra costs, such as additional maintenance, or indeed there needs to be a component change. Not to mention, you have to buy fuel or additional insurance.

2. Create a target list of used cars that are hunted

In some countries in sedans like the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry, it becomes a used car that is much hunted. It’s just that, the two Japanese cars are still in high condition.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose three cars that have indeed represented your needs, including a review of the budget.

3. Price survey

Buying a used car needs patience. Therefore, try diligently checking the desired car prices from some used car dealers, both owned by brand holders, private and even online buying and selling sites.

It’s not impossible that the prices of this used car can vary depending on the condition of the car itself.