These are three important components in SEO that help him walk well

Currently, digital marketing has indeed been done by many businesses, this is because the costs are not much, but can produce maximum results. One technique in digital marketing that you can try is SEO. By using SEO, your website will be on the first page of the search engine. top seo agency  You can also use consultor seo so that the SEO you run can run perfectly.

The existence of SEO helps users to search for information sought. Existing content will be indexed immediately by search engines like Google which is the information sought by users. The content created must also be precise and informative. For that, there are several important components in an SEO so that it can run well.

1. Content is a king
content is king and that’s the most important thing about SEO. By creating good and easy-to-understand content, it automatically makes users use the website to become the main reference. With frequent visitors to the website, Google will prioritize the website if it has similar searches.

2. Backlinks
Backlinks are often used as a method to raise a keyword.
Backlinks alone make networking or networking between websites. Like backing, this is a kind of collaboration between web to introduce each other to the web. The existence of backlinks is very helpful for SEO activists who want to increase their SEO. The thing to remember when doing a backlink is to make sure the website has good criteria. We will discuss this separately.

3. Promotion
Promotion is another thing that is also important in SEO. This promotion can utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other.
By often promoting quality articles, it will automatically make the value of an article more viewed by search engines like Google. The quality of articles and the frequent promotion will attract attention to users and will be prioritized by search engines like Google.