Think of the curtain when choosing a window

When choosing a window model that is suitable for your home, think about the curtains. Aside from being a heat barrier that is too stinging or splashing of rain water, the curtains also help the room to remain beautiful and harmonious. For example, you have curtains made from Dacron or the like, this curtain is suitable for windows that have large and high sizes. On the other hand, check out the well-known window companies, if you can’t install the windows in your house due to your busy schedule.


If the curtain you have is made of roman shade or pono, this type of window is perfect for wide windows. While the curtains are wheeled, it is more appropriate for angled curtains.

In addition, the color of the curtain can also affect the temperature in your room. Black is known to absorb more heat and can make your room hotter. Therefore, choose bright colors so that your room becomes cooler.

Finally, choose curtains with the thicker material in winter, so that the temperature of the room near your window is warmer.