Tips For Scoliosis Prevention For You

The site is one of the sites you can access anytime to gather information about or to find out the treatment for the spinal disorder. Is it something dangerous so that you must treat it as soon as possible?


You often hear hearing phrases better than cure. Of course, preventing scoliosis is much better than cure. Be aware that there are no medical procedures that can straighten the spine due to scoliosis except surgery. Even so, there are several therapies that you can try. Somehow, preventing scoliosis remains better than any type of treatment.

In scoliosis, the spine is abnormally curved to the side or has unusual twists. Although scoliosis appears to be inherited in some families (genetic factors), most cases arise for unknown reasons. Especially in children and adolescents who previously had a straight spine but turned curved and suddenly showed symptoms of this scoliosis.

Although it can be influenced by genetic factors, there are natural ways to prevent spinal disease scoliosis. Avoid activities that require too hard work on only one side of the body. A common type of scoliosis, called idiopathic scoliosis, is mostly caused by muscle imbalance. Therefore, avoid carrying a bag, shopping bag or apparatus that is too heavy on one part of the body.

Second, back muscle training. Having a strong and stable back muscle is the same as preventing scoliosis because the back muscles that support the spine will keep it in the right curve. Some strength training is recommended for the back including exercises on the back, legs and also arm muscle strength.

Well, the third way to prevent scoliosis is to get the right vitamins and minerals. Calcium contributes to maintaining bone health. So eating foods like oatmeal, soybeans (better boiled without salt), almonds, and even sardines will keep bones strong and stable so as to prevent scoliosis from occurring.